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Oncology / Hematology

Oncology / Hematology

The Medical Oncology, Hematology and Chemotherapy Sections at the Hippocrateon Private Hospital are fully equipped  units constantly supported by a wide spectrum of all medical and surgical subspecialties and ancillary services needed for the safe and state of the art treatments/procedures required in the management of oncological and blood diseases collectively. Special Clinics, like “Breast Clinic” offer a team full-range approach in the management of complicated or contravential cases.

The Center is ideal for individuals seeking most effective modern up-to-date answers to difficult or otherwise catastrophic diseases like cancer, leukemia, bleeding/thomboembolic disorders, anemias, immunodeficiency states, cytopenias e.t.c., and early diagnosis/prevention/prophylaxis and prolypsis against acquired and genetic diseases like cancer.

Board certified attending physicians and registered nurses and all other health professionals integral to the efficient routine and specialized management are available on the premises for patients needing: Chemotherapy, Transfusions, Venesections, Recuperation from oncological surgery or Radiotherapy or Transplantation while stationed or working or vacationing in Cyprus.

The Center is affiliated with other pertinent Centers of Excellence in the USA, Great Britain, Israel, Greece and elsewhere offering unique opportunities for most productive and effective collaboration with specialized teams all over the World. More than that the Center encompasses services for the diagnosis, Prevention, Screening, Palliation, Supportive care and Treatment of Cancer, Leukemias, Lymphomas, Anemias, Leukopenias, Thrombocytopenias and other Blood Cell Diseases, Bleeding Disorders, Thomboembolic complications, Transplantations, Aplastic Anemias and Immunologic Disorders.